Sarah Kostusiak, MS - Healthy Life Coach

About Me

Sarah Kostusiak, MS - Healthy Life Coach

Hi! I’m Sarah

I’ve struggled my entire life with a highly sensitive body.

This means that stress and outside influences affect my body much more than they would someone else’s body.

I’ve dealt with MANY health issues over the last 30 years from gut issues to chronic fatigue and chronic mono to thyroid/weight issues and chronic pain.

I’ve learned that tracking my health and making small habit changes has really helped me zero in on what works for MY body.

Write It Down

One big key to tracking what’s going with my health and life is writing stuff down where I can find it again!

With my dipping and spiking energy levels came massive brain fog. I would get an idea and forget it before I could even write it down.

OR I’d get lucky and be in a good week and write all my ideas down…and then the next week I’d drop down into a low energy week and completely abandon all I was doing.

Then in a few weeks when my energy went back up…I would forget where I had written everything down and start all over again.

I have notebooks upon notebooks with million dollar ideas in them (I’m sure, right!).

Then I’d go to the doctor and try to explain what was going on, and I couldn’t remember.

Meanwhile my life was kind of a mess.

I was trying to create a coaching business where I could have an impact on many people’s lives, but I didn’t have the focus or clarity to really be consistent with it.

Then I discovered bullet journaling.

Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling has helped me track all of my goals and habits.

Bullet journaling just uses a basic dot grid journal and you make of it what you want!

Using this basic system I could create exactly the system that would work for me.

I did make a mistake at first and tried to do too much cutesy/artsy stuff in it. I ended up quitting for a few months because I just couldn’t keep up with the cute.

Then I decided to go back to the OG Bullet Journaling and actually read Ryder Carroll’s book The Bullet Journal Method.

Starting over at the beginning and giving myself permission to do either cute and useful pages or just useful pages gave me the freedom to make my bullet journal work for me.

Now I want to share that system with you!

I have created a HABITS journal and incorporated multiple systems to help you take control of your health and life.

I can now identify the goals I want to achieve and the habits I need to practice to achieve those goals. I stay on track because I have it all written down in one place where I can review my daily, weekly and quarterly goals daily.

If you’re ready to looking for a super supportive community and a system for designing a life you love, join my free Facebook group –> Habit Masters – Free Group






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