3 Barriers to Establishing Healthy Life Habits

Establishing healthy life habits doesn’t have to be difficult…but for some of us it can be extremely frustrating.

We all know what to do to be healthy, right? Eat better, exercise, drink more water, get more sleep…we all know this…so why do many of us struggle to actually do it?

Let’s take a look at 3 frustrating barriers I see with my clients and what to do instead… 

3 Barriers to Establishing Healthy Life Habits


Barrier to Establishing Healthy Life Habits #1

So we’ve established that we all know what to do to get healthy, but one of the biggest barriers I see when my clients come to me is they don’t have a clear system to accomplish their goals.

Most people chose a Monday and say “ok, I’m getting healthy today!” They try to eat what they think is “better” and they do a little exercise, drink some water and go to bed early.

Then they get up the next day, get on the scale and see they’ve actually gained weight (typically water weight) and give up.

This why I develop the Habit Masters system helps my clients a) identify their goals, b) identify the habits they need to accomplish their goals, and c) gives them a system for tracking those habits to make sure that they really do support their goals.

Most people complain about tracking, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, how can you establish if it’s working?

It’s committing to the habits and the system on a daily basis that help you achieve your goals.

Barrier to Establishing Healthy Life Habits #2

Another barrier I see with my clients is they take on way too many changes all at once.

If you are trying super hard to make changes to your diet, exercise habits, sleep habits and water habits all at once…you’re going to eventually give out.

Will power is like a muscle and it gives out eventually….and then you binge!

The key to making lifelong healthy life habit changes is to go slowly and tackle one at a time.

My Habit Masters system encourages people to identify those goals that they feel they can accomplish instead of just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.

The system is structured, yet flexible enough to make it work for every person. By taking it step by step, habit by habit and day by day…your goals will be accomplished.

Barrier to Establishing Healthy Life Habits #3

The final barrier I’m going to talk about today is that most people try to go it alone.

We are community beings and we do so much better when we share the same experiences with others.

And, from personal experience, I’m MUCH more likely to stick to my goals if I make them public and have other people that help to hold me accountable.

This is why I designed my Habit Masters system to be a group program. Each month, as a group, we will incorporate one healthy life habit (smoothie a day, no sugar, walking daily, journaling, etc.) that we do as a group to help hold each other accountable and work together in a shared experience.

So, now that we know what’s keeping us from sticking to our healthy life habits and accomplishing those goals we want to accomplish, are you ready to take the first step?

I’d love to invite you to a free 7 day trial of my Habits Masters program. This community will give you the direction and support you need to set and accomplish realistic goals. Go to www.habitmasters.me to get started today.




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